Chinese horoscope 2014 Rabbit

This 2014 work your patience. Do not want to get all your dreams in an instant. Learn to wait, possibly because this is not your time but later get everything you propose. Keep in mind that everything comes when you least expect it, and maybe 2014 is your moment. In the love you are a person full of passion, but be careful with your mistakes and not fall into the serious problem of committing infidelity. If you partner this year 2014, lend him all the attention it deserves, because if you can not you regret having missed. You are a person who loves freedom, and therefore you see the loss of freedom in a relationship as something that limits you in life. Openly expressed this concern to your partner that you have, but ask yourself if it is worth the total freedom instead of enjoying the company of someone you love. The rabbit in general tends to be unfaithful, and this characteristic is negative in the sense that it is disrespectful toward the partner, who can not trust you if you're not loyal. Note that the passion has an expiration date when it comes to a relationship, but nevertheless true love lasts a lifetime, if you work well. For single people who were born in the Year of the Rabbit Chinese horoscope, you may feel very comfortable not being in a relationship because right now what we value most is freedom. However, they should ask if they want change or no some aspect of his personality, because enjoying life with friends without having a commitment to partner has its positive side, and more if these people are young, but in the future they might desire a lasting relationship in order to have more stability in love. on the work this year you should think about your goals and the things you really want to do is possible that you are not in the position you really want and it's time to be honest with yourself and put on target to get where you really want to accomplish. in  the health This coming year 2014 is not good for the rabbit as far as health is concerned. The biggest drawback is your hiking, stay as long as sitting could give you back pain. Remember that these annoyances are cured by performing exercise, so set a goal for the new year to establish a weekly routine in which sport do three or four days a week, minimum.